360° Virtual Tours
for Real Estate

REALTORS® and Estate Agents

Virtual tours are recommended by the National Association of REALTORs® as a way to avoid face-to-face contact while marketing homes during the coronavirus crisis.

Ray Of Light Media can produce an exciting and interactive virtual tour for your listing. With hotspots within the image as well as an interactive map or floor-plan, visitors will have a new insight into your property not available with other virtual tour software.

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Our Tours Work On Any Device

We design your 360° Virtual Tour to reach the largest audience possible. That's why our tours are compatible with almost every mobile device.

They work on smart phones, tablets, VR headsets such as Oculus and Google cardboard, and of course desktops and laptops!

Read details below to learn more, or check out a live demo.

Live demo Demo with Floorplan/Radar

About Our Virtual Tours

Mobile Friendly

Different resolutions to perfectly fit the viewer's screen size and download speed.

Fast Loading

Lower resolution images will load first, allowing your visitor to quickly get to the action of your virtual tour.

Feature Rich

Our virtual tours have many capabilities, such as floorplan radars, descriptive callouts,

Live Guided Open House tours
Zoom® - like Guided Tours / Open House

Not enough?

360° Floor-to-Ceiling

Our tours don't blur out the bottom and top of the image, like some tours do. You'll get full the 360 degrees, floor-to-ceiling.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images

You've got a great view, so let's not hide it. Some tours have blown-out windows, or close the blinds alltogether. We can process your images in a way to show the outside of windows.

Porch and Deck Views Included

We include porch and deck views within your tour. After all, the outdoor spaces are often an important selling feature!

virtual tour on a Galaxy s20
VR Capable

Our virtual tours have the capability to be viewed in a VR headset such as an Oculus, or a drop-in headset such as Google Cardboard.

Customized Skin

Let us customize the look of your virtual tour to fit the needs of your visitors.

Universal Compatibility

Our virtual tours work with any modern device - phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops - without the need for Flash or any additional plugins.

Additional Options


Add the third dimension to your virtual tour! We can photograph your virtual tour in 3-D, perfect when viewing in a VR headset.

Learning and Interactivity

We can embed special features which allow your visitors to look for items within your tour, and be scored on their progress.

Live Tour Guide

Zoom-type live guided tours with screen-control for a virtual open-house.

Maps and Floorplans

We can include your map or floorplan and pin a moving radar for each room, showing the viewer which direction they're looking.