Database Driven Web Sites

These sites basically consist of a back-end database with web pages that contain programming capable of pulling specific information from the database, depending on what the viewer wants to know.

One of the most common applications for a database driven web site is e-commerce.  A variety of information is stored in a database, such as product information, stock numbers, prices, discounts, shipping costs, etc. Other applications for database driven web sites include searchable directories, guest books and  "content management systems."

A Content Management System is a site that can be managed more easily via online forms that allow you, the site owner, to easily update your web site.  These are typically a database-driven web site that uses dynamic web pages that pull directly from a database.   Examples of these are blogs, online calendars, photo galleries, and sites built with applications such as "Joomla" & "WordPress".

Ray Of Light Media can seamlessly integrate a database or content management system into any website we build.  Contact us now for more information!